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593 Posted on Mar 07, 2017


I will never forget this set The Mission was the first Officially to do with the genre Techno for Ununpentium in the event 6 Essences on October 16 in 2016 and I do not think it is the last one in Techno is one of the genres where I find myself very well and Without doubt with greater words I love this sound, my last works realized in this 2017 arrive with much Techno that I am going to be presenting very soon for the whole community. I hope they enjoy this set and if they would like it would be a pleasure to receive a vote or comment and Sharing my work is totally free and downloadable for all my friends.
Artists: dj zink
Genres: Techno, tekno
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  • DLeonardo Glezch
    DLeonardo Glezch  ·  March 8
    A lot of fun designing this cover

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