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449 Posted on Mar 07, 2017


Arriving almost in the final stretch of the event and with the 5 set had to choose a genre and could not miss and give it a slot in the event 6 Essences with the genre Psyco Trance on November 13, 2016 came on the float The Harvest an electrifying set full of Good trips with a good shock of powerful mixes we could experiment with this surround sound and finally came a Remix mix that we dare to do Codplay Psycho version so that very satisfied with the audience and positive for the final outcome of the session here to my Friends of Mexico and other sectors like psy so much so we will continue with psycho with new projects and different tracks. I hope you enjoy this set and if you like it would be a pleasure to receive a vote or comment and share my work is totally free and downloadable for all my friends.
Artists: dj zink
Genres: psychotrance, psytrance
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  • UNUNPENTIUM Lifestyle Gurus
    UNUNPENTIUM Lifestyle Gurus  ·  March 25
    Oooooooo zink we are going to work well accelerated with this set, you remember these 2h well lol well cardiac and session with much decibel, greetings zink a hug, see you tomorrow without fail

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