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410 Posted on Mar 07, 2017


Last event and almost destroyed of the tympani we arrive at the magic number 6 not to lower a centimeter to the decibels, I dared with the genre Hard Trance and present the day 20 November 2016 the set The Departure. What a madness I felt like a child with a new toy and very familiar since for a long time I kept ringing on my turntables it was the Hard Cord and Makina as well as the Trance, Progressive of the Golden Age par excellence for which aggressive cuts And impressive climbs and sinister downs, made me crazy with this set that reminded me of my crazy times with the bpm's using a little makina and Hard Cord mix style to make it more stressful let's play high the cover letter for the mixes , So try to make strong bases and accompanied by melodies and some brushstrokes of Hardstyle, drop some classic theme. I hope you enjoy this set and if you like it would be a pleasure to receive a vote or comment and share is totally downloadable for all my friends.
Artists: dj zink
Genres: hard trance, hardstyle
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  • DLeonardo Glezch
    DLeonardo Glezch  ·  March 16
    Another great one bro! one of the best ones

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