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Hardwell & JoeySuki - Munster (Official Studio Teaser)
Channel: Hardwell
Posted by DJ Land Offical  .  November 15, 2016
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OUT NOW! While touring Australia at the moment and just welcoming its 100.000 likes on Facebook Hardwell sat down in the studio with JoeySuki and bring us this little sneak preview!

As premiered in Hardwell's live broadcast of his Electric Zoo liveset back in September we now present to you this dark and stomping monster track called 'Munster' Hardwell teamed up with fellow Revealed artist JoeySuki, best known for his 2010 smash Dig.It.All. These youngsters have created a track which will energize every crowd, building with a heavy bassline and bulky beats all packed into a dark atmosphere. Than the synthy lead theme comes in with a contagious hook, but its only when the track drops back to its dark side when the track erupts like a volcano and will blow you away with its energy! Check out this studio preview of the birth of this Munster!

Release November 21 on Revealed Recordings

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Edited by Robin Piree:

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