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KSHMR - The Lion Across The Field EP
Channel: Spinnin' Records
Posted by DJ Land Offical  .  November 15, 2016
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KSHMR - The Lion Across The Field EP is OUT NOW! Listen / download at your favorite service:

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KSHMR drops a stunning release, perfecting his unique sound with overwhelming force on this multiple track EP. Every track is a story of its own, while also part of a trip into the artist’s exotic music, incorporating short interludes, wonderfully arranged singalong tunes as well as major floor records like Wildcard and the Felix Snow collab Touch. Impressive journey into the world of KSHMR, and surely essential material from one of dance music’s most creative minds.

00:00 The Boy (Interlude):
00:52 Jungle Whistle:
04:47 Sleepwalk:
08:33 A Father’s Warning (Interlude):
09:08 Wildcard (ft. Sidnie Tipton):
12:30 A Thing To Forget (Interlude):
13:15 Dadima:
17:44 Touch (ft. Madi):
21:03 The Son’s Dissent (Interlude):
21:41 Dhoom:
25:00 The Lion (Interlude) :
25:50 Hymn of Reflection:

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